How To Make True Friends

Rubina Ratnakar

In today’s modern society, it is hard to come by a true friend. In fact, the definition of a true friend is all confused and distorted. A true friend should be someone who sticks with you at all times, encourages, supports and loves you regardless of inconveniences and without expecting anything in return. Today, the friend model is a ‘scratch my back I’ll scratch yours’ system, which is all convoluted and wrecked, says Rubina Ratnakar. How then do you make a true friend in this dog-eat-dog society?

Become a true friend to others

You cannot expect to make a true friend if you are not one yourself. By virtue, you should ensure that you are a true friend to others, without expectation or regret. By being someone’s true friend, you might prompt that person to reciprocate. However, if you are too proud to take the first initiative, then you are undeserving of a true friend.

Be yourself and unapologetic

People ought to love you for what you stand for and whom you are. If you feel the need to change yourself just so someone can accept and form a friendship with you, then that person is clearly undeserving of your friendship. A true friend will not shame, tear you down or look down upon you for what you stand for or whom you are. Instead, a true friend will share in what you stand for and support you all through.


In today’s society, the number of people who want to express themselves far exceeds that of those who are willing to listen. Such a breakdown in communication certainly invites all the wrong kinds of friends. You should strive to become a listener, just as much as you expect your friends to listen to you. Hearing what someone has to say does not encompass the entire scope of being a good listener. Instead, you have to ensure you internalize what you hear and provide a meaningful contribution in return. This will formulate a deeper bond between you and your friends who will come to count on you and your opinions.

Ease into it

The pressure to make friends is too much and it can be damning. Instead of hurrying to make friends and ending up in the wrong friendships, you should take your time. Patiently evaluate someone and get to know him/her before you can agree to a friendship. That way, you can weed out those who want to be friends with you for their selfish needs.


Remember that to gain true friendship from someone, you have to offer just as much. In the end, the kind, friendly, supportive, patient and selfless approach is what will win you true friends so you should stick to it.

Rubina Ratnakar


How To Find Your Passion And Purpose In Life



Are you highly accomplished and successful but still very restless, unhappy and discontent? Do you find yourself unsatisfied with your career or life? This could be because you are unaware of your passion or purpose in life says Rubina Ratnakar. Most of us are drawn into life paths that we do not like because of our young naiveté, expectations or misplaced trust and guidance. Eventually, we end up feeling sad and miserable and always seeking something to make us happy. Well, if your problem is a lack of passion or purpose, then this article is just the thing for you.

Take a risk

The very first step to seeking your true passion and purpose in life is to take a risk, says Rubina Ratnakar. You often hear of people who have left their jobs to go do something else even though it is less profitable and the notion that comes to mind is that they are stupid. Well, they are not. Instead, they are risk takers. Keep in mind that anything that comes with great risk also has the promise of a great reward. Taking a risk, however, does not mean that you have to jump head first into unchartered territory. Instead, conduct your research and figure out if it is really what you are passionate about.

Drop the notion of a single purpose or passion

It is possible and okay for someone to have more than one purpose or passion, says Rubina Ratnakar. It is also very possible to pursue them all at the same time. You don’t have to be tied down because you think that a person should only have one purpose or passion in life. If you feel that you are destined for more, then by all means, pursue more.

Follow your heart

This is definitely something that you have heard before even though you probably never understood it. The thing is that in life, we spend so much time thinking and making critical, thought-based decisions that we forget to be spontaneous. For instance, you want ice cream but you decide not to have it because research shows that too much sugar is bad for your health. In truth, however, that single ice cream will probably have no effect in the grand scheme of things, but since you thought it through, you deny yourself the guilty pleasure. You cannot find your passion if you always rely on your brain. Sometimes, it pays to be spontaneous and to follow your heart/feelings to where they might lead you.


Having a strong sense of self-understanding goes a long way in finding your passion and purpose in life. At the end of the day, you will have to make a choice whether to seek happiness and fulfillment or to continue living your life void of purpose or passion


Rubina Ratnakar