Dealing With Feelings Of Regret

Rubina Ratnakar

Regret is one of the most crippling feelings that a person can ever experience. Often times, it is as a result of past events that we have no control over. It hinders progress and prevents one from moving forward or living in the moment and looking forward to the future. In some situations, the regret is so deep that it leads to stress, depression and even suicide says Rubina Ratnakar. To move on with life, therefore, one has to move on from the regret that they feel.

Examine the situation objectively

Looking at things from an objective point of view could help you overcome your feelings of regret and move on with life. You have to look at the root cause of your regret and determine whether you are actually to blame. In most cases, we heap blame on ourselves even though we have no reason to feel at fault.

Fix the situation, where possible

Sometimes, we have regret over situations that we can fix. If you can find a solution to the root cause of your regret, then attempt to fix it. Even if you fail at fixing it, you will have attempted to and that could be a great starting point to the end of your regret.

Forgive yourself and others

Forgiveness is a huge part of ending regret. You have to forgive yourself for whatever it is that gnaws at your soul. Accept that you did wrong, and forgive yourself then try to move forward from it. In situations where your regret is centered around other people, find a way to forgive them for wronging you then move on with your life.

Find a healthy escape

When the feelings of regret are too strong, it might be difficult to think of anything else. That is why it is important to find an escape. But not just any escape, a healthy one. Look for something to do that takes your mind off your situation and shifts your attention to something constructive instead. For instance, you could start visiting the gym or volunteering at an aid organization.

Be determined to get better

You have to want to get better for you to actually move past your feelings of regret. Determination fuels your will and desire to get better and you need as much of it as possible.

Be patient with yourself

Moving past regret is not something that can happen in a day. In fact, there is no specific pattern or date. Therefore, you have to be patient with yourself. Keep trying to get better until you achieve success.


Regret can be damaging to one’s esteem and sense of self. If you know someone who lives with deep regret, make sure that you offer as much help as possible because social support will be key to helping them overcome it.

Rubina Ratnakar