Four Easy Secrets For New Year’s Resolution Success


Rubina Ratnakar

Since time immemorial, a new year elicits a desire to change one or more things in an individual’s life. It is a common tradition throughout the world to make New Year’s resolutions that will help them in changing their undesirable characteristics. In a survey conducted by Rubina Ratnakar shows that very few individuals only one in ten individuals follows through with their New Year’s resolutions.

The low success rate for sticking to New Year’s resolutions is because 35% of the people set unrealistic goals, 33% failed to keep track of their resolution’s progress while 23% completely forgot about their resolutions. In another study, it showed that men follow through with their resolutions 22% higher if they are engaged in goal setting while women succeeded by up to 10% by making public their resolutions.

Here are the tips for following through with New Year’s resolutions.

Set Realistic Resolutions

Breakdown the resolution into a series of sub-goals that is measurable, concrete, and time-based. This will make the resolution easy and fun to follow through.

Ensure to think about the things that need change, then set your standards and change your ritual to ensure you achieve the New Year’s resolutions.

Avoid Previous Resolutions

88% of the failed resolutions is due to the carrying forward of past resolutions that did not work in the previous years. Going back to previous resolutions is akin to doing the same thing while expecting different results. To avoid disappointments and frustrations with a New Year’s resolution, avoid all the previous resolutions that were not successful.

Motivation & Self-Discipline

When making New Year’s resolutions, many individuals are at a stage of high motivation. When the psychological effects of motivation wear off, few of the individuals have the self-discipline to keep going and stick to their resolutions.

It is important to stay motivated and maintain a high level of self-discipline to see you through the challenges of giving up on New Year’s resolutions.

Keep Track

To achieve success, one must ensure they see progress, and the best way is by writing every milestone made in a journal. Record all the pitfalls and achievements, and it will be a good way to keep track of the New Year’s resolutions.

Rubinar Ratnakar advises that one should expect to backslide to the old habits from time to time. The best thing is to accept the setbacks, get back on the saddle, and keep working to achieve the success of the New Year’s resolution.

Rubina Ratnakar

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